Frequently Asked Questions
We have found that we're often asked the same questions, so here's a small FAQ sheet, please feel free to contact with those all important other questions.
Tipi Holidays in France
What do I need to bring? Towels, toothbrushes and torches, plus life's other essentials, such as clothes.

Is breakfast included in the prices? Yes, a saving on average of 225 euros for a family of 4 four a week.

Do you allow pets? Normally no, sleeping in the woods can be scary for a dog too, but each case is judged on its own merits.

Do you provide meals every night? No, usually Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, these are booked in advance with us.

Can we request a certain tipi? Yes, if it's not already booked.

Do you have WIFI? Yes, but we don't activate it due to environmental concerns, there is free WIFI in the local village.

Is the campsite okay for a baby? Yes. we've had numerous babies stay with us, we have travels cots you can borrow, plus baby changing unit, bath, etc.